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Monarch butterflies and clusters photographed at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary (Butterfly Grove) in Pacific Grove and at the Butterfly Resting Area (Butterfly Grove) in Santa Cruz, Calif. Some of the individual butterfly photos show how difficult migration is for butterflies. Some butterflies shows the scars and wear-and-tear that occurs on an annual several-thousand-mile migration. Insecticides, industrial chemicals and sprays, air pollution, climate change, loss of habitat and predators are some of the reasons for the continuing decline in the Monarch butterfly population of Central California. One thing I like about my Nikon D3X and D800E is their ability to show detail in its finest elements. My Monarch butterfly photos show the effects of migration that many butterfly photos do not because the cameras used are incapable of producing such fine detail. One can only wonder if the steep decline in Monarch butterfly populations is like a canary in a coal mine, warning humanity that it is on the precipice of a worldwide environmental catastrophe.

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